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A strong Nordic bank

Danske Bank is a Nordic universal bank with strong local roots and bridges to the rest of the world. For more than 145 years,  we have helped people and businesses in the Nordics realise their ambitions. Today, we serve personal, business and institutional customers and in addition to banking services, we offer life insurance and pension, mortgage credit, wealth management, real estate and leasing services.

When we share ambitions, we all grow stronger

Our core markets

In Denmark, Danske Bank’s roots go back to 1871, when Den Danske Landmandsbank was founded. Through the years, the bank has grown through mergers with many local and regional banks. One of the most important mergers took place in 1990, when Den Danske Landmandsbank merged with two other major Danish banks, making Danske Bank the largest bank in Denmark.

We have a strong position in the Danish market, and because of our size, we strive to play an important role in Danish society, not only by creating value for our customers but also by fostering growth in society in general. 

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We are the third-largest bank in Finland, with a good foundation for future growth. Our ambition is to develop our strong position by offering solutions and tools that make daily banking and important financial decisions easy. 

From the outset, we have played a vital role in modernising banking in Finland. Banking became much easier with the introduction of the first modern payment system, the postal giro, and our Finnish banking customers were the first in the world to do their banking on mobile phones. 

We began in Finland in 1887, when the government opened a bank that operated out of local postal offices. The government ran it for more than 100 years, developing it from holding deposits to financing Finland’s growing manufacturing industry and the construction of residential housing. In 2006, this bank became part of Danske Bank.

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In Norway, we are the third-largest bank and see ourselves in a challenger position. We serve personal and business customers as well as large corporations from 28 branches and four regional finance centres across Norway. With an ambition to grow in the Norwegian market, we have the advantage of being a strong, large bank equipped to cater to a wide range of customers while also being able to respond quickly to customer needs by developing innovative and value-creating products and solutions. 

We trace our Norwegian origins back to 1859, when the first Norwegian business bank was founded in Trondheim. Since then, it has grown through mergers between local and regional banks, but our Norwegian headquarters remain in Trondheim. In 1999, the bank merged with Danske Bank.

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Danske Bank is the fifth-largest bank in Sweden, and we have a strong ambition to strengthen our position. By taking advantage of our technological and digital strengths and drawing on both local and Nordic expertise, we aim to create value for our Swedish customers. 

Our Swedish operations began in 1837, when financing needs in the building industry in southwestern Sweden led to the foundation of Öst-Götha Bank. Later, after a boom in the Swedish agricultural industry, the bank developed a strong position among local and regional farmers.

Danske Bank Sweden is the result of a number of mergers and acquisitions that culminated in 1997 with the merger of 17 regional Swedish banks. With that merger, Danske Bank became the first foreign bank to have a wide branch network in Sweden. Today, we have some 50 branches and six financial centres in Sweden.

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Making banking easier for over 145 years

Innovation has always been at the core of our business. Throughout our history, we have turned the latest technology into new and efficient tools and solutions to help our customers meet their financial needs. Our ambition is to make daily banking and important financial decisions easy for our customers.


First safe deposit boxes in Europe

The bank opens the first facility in Europe to allow personal customers to rent safe deposit boxes.



Danske Bank becomes the first bank in Denmark to launch a mobile payment solution.

Meet our executives

We have a two-tier management structure consisting of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. The senior management team is made up of people with international backgrounds and solid leadership experience, and they are dedicated to running a sound and competitive bank that creates long-term value for all its stakeholders.

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