Board of Directors

Our senior management team constitutes of people with exceptional leadership abilities coming from varied and diverse backgrounds.

Deval Shah

Managing Director, Danske IT, Group IT

Jan Steen Olsen

Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice President

Per Christian Vogelius-Nielsen

Senior vice President, Danske Bank, Banking DK

Anders Grøn

Head of COO Legal

Poul Møller

CIO Wealth Management, Danske Bank & UK and Executive Vice President

Sandeep Mhaiskar

Chief Finance Officer, Danske IT

India Leadership

The India Leadership Team boasts of industry and technology leaders coming together from diverse backgrounds
to contribute towards making Danske IT a strategic partner to the bank.

Deval Shah

Managing Director

Jacob Bach Christensen

Chief of Staff

Sandeep Mhaiskar

Chief Financial Officer

Vidya Bhaskar

Head Human Resources

Saraswathi Ramachandra

Associate Development Director, Personal Banking IT

Harish Mohan

Associate Development Director

Thatha D. T. Sangapuram

Associate Development Director, Wealth Management IT

Vyshali BL

Associate Development Director, Corporates and Institutions IT

Annie Abraham

Associate Development Director, Financing IT and Group Wide Processes IT

Shalini Thadani

Head of IT Operations

Gautam Handoo

Associate Development Director

Siva Prakhya

Head of IT Risk and Information Security

Gayatri Sundar

Area Manager

Jayaram S Govindaiah

Head Infrastructure