Celebrating five years of IT Excellence

On 1 August 2015, Danske Bank set up its own technology centre in India, making the transition from a third party vendor set up to a captive arm. Today, Danske IT has grown from being a delivery centre to a Global Capability Centre leveraging local engineering talent to deliver global service standards.

The journey started with 600 employees (on-boarded from a third party solution provider). Today, Danske IT operates with over 1,500 employees who build technology solutions for areas across Danske Bank. The journey from tasks and project deliveries to now sub-portfolio and portfolio ownership has been an incredible one.

 About Danske IT

Operational from 2015, Danske IT is a fully owned subsidiary of the Danske Bank Group - the largest bank in Denmark and a leading bank in Northern Europe with a universal presence.

At Danske IT, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions for our customers. Our vision is to be a trusted partner to our stakeholders and customers by delivering value through high-performing teams.

All of us at Danske IT are committed to helping Danske Bank realise its vision of being the most trusted financial partner.


Our Vision

Be a trusted partner to our stakeholders / customer by delivering value through high performing teams

Our Businesses Units

  • Financing IT

    Financing IT develops and maintains systems and processes to support multiple lending offerings from the bank. The team also has a strong focus on transforming Lending Customer Journey and aspires to provide financial solutions in a fast and hassle-free way.

  • Markets IT
    Markets IT is technology partner for market-leading products and services – including e-trading services across all asset classes from Front office to Back office functions, Risk IT, Financial Eco-system and more. Back Office IT and Digital Channels IT are supported by the team.
  • Core Banking IT

    Core Banking IT (CBIT) works with data and functionality related to customers, accounts and business intelligence. As part of CBIT, there are the following four teams. Group Finance Solutions is responsible for basic accounting in the group. Reporting to the FSA’s is an important part, which includes Solvency, Liquidity coverage ratio and Net stable funding ratio. Also a number of reports are produced for the Central Banks, the most important ones being MFI3 and Ana Credit.

    The department supports a number of internal management tools like Asset & Liability Management, Risk Weighted Assets, Facility Pricing Tool and the Customer Profitability Systems. Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence is responsible for Data Warehouse stores and organizes enterprise data in order to establish the optimal foundation for reporting and analytics in Danske Bank. Through HW, tools, SW and processes Data Warehouse increases data quality and data governance.

     Core Banking Infrastructure is the department primarily responsible for various business control and compliance reporting solutions for the bank. In addition to this, the department is also responsible for a part of the open APIs and functional responsibility of API sandbox infrastructure for the bank.

  • Wealth Management IT
    Wealth Management IT (WMIT) is responsible for the development and operations of IT systems, products, and processes within the Wealth Management organization, including a broad range of products and services like investments, pension savings and insurance.
  • Digital Banking IT and Analytics

    The Digital Banking and Analytics team comprises of two units, Digital Banking IT and Analytics Center of Excellence (ACoE).

    Digital Banking IT focuses on delivering IT solutions for personal and business customers, which includes a wide range of products like Mobilepay, Mobile banking, e-banking, Cards & Security & logon solutions. Analytics Centre of Excellence (ACoE) focuses on delivering Business Intelligence and analytical solutions to various business partners within Danske Bank.

    In collaboration with business, ACoE manages and provides data management solutions which include data extraction, data preparation, data quality, etc. to support business intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

  • Transaction Banking IT
    Transaction Banking IT is responsible for development and operations for a range of banking services for the bank's C&I clients. The team's portfolio of services and products includes Corporate Payments, Cash Management, DynamicPay, Online services, Trade & Supply Chain Finance.
  • Daily Banking IT
    Daily Banking IT is responsible for the IT needs of customers, including on-boarding of new customers, product sales and platforms, customer relationships and advisory applications etc.
  • Danske Support Services
    Danske Support Services assists business operations across the bank. The team extends support in the areas of VBA automation and complex reporting, MSBI Dashboard development, SharePoint development, Visual and graphic development, Payroll and HR system administration and Vendor Governance.
  • CTO

    CTO team is responsible for ensuring the stability and flexibility of the bank's digital platforms and works towards seamless third-party integration. The key focus for the CTO area is to provide an efficient digital workplace for all employees and modern toolsets for the developer community.

    CTO also drives the overall governance, improvement and adherence of ITIL processes in the IT Operations space.

  • Group Wide Processes IT
    Responsible for developing, maintaining and optimizing IT-systems that are typically seen in large corporations. This includes the HR platforms, Customer Communications Management, document management, automation including Business Process Management (BPM) and robotics, dynamics platform, access management plus a number of minor systems - many of them by external vendors.