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Celebrating Six years of IT Excellence

On 1 August 2015, Danske Bank set up its own technology centre in India, making the transition from a third party vendor set up to a captive arm. Today, Danske IT has grown from being a delivery centre to a Global Capability Centre leveraging local engineering talent to deliver global service standards.

The journey started with 600 employees (on-boarded from a third party solution provider). Today, Danske IT operates with over 1,500 employees who build technology solutions for areas across Danske Bank. The journey from tasks and project deliveries to now sub-portfolio and portfolio ownership has been an incredible one.

 About Danske IT

Operational from 2015, Danske IT is a fully owned subsidiary of the Danske Bank Group - the largest bank in Denmark and a leading bank in Northern Europe with a universal presence.

At Danske IT, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions for our customers. Our vision is to be a trusted partner to our stakeholders and customers by delivering value through high-performing teams.

All of us at Danske IT are committed to helping Danske Bank realise its vision of being the most trusted financial partner.


Our Vision

Be a trusted partner to our stakeholders / customer by delivering value through high performing teams

Technology & Services

  • Personal & Business Customers (P&BC) delivers services and products to our Personal & Business Customers across all segments and 
    markets, while ensuring a closely integrated development of new 
    solutions that are simpler, faster and more competitive for our customers.

  • Large Corporates & Institutions provides a smooth and scalable service offering, while continuously improving the operational risk and accelerating the digitalisation of the delivery.
  • Functions & Data delivers services and develops technology predominantly to Group Functions, including Group Risk Management, CFO, Group Compliance & Group HR, thereby ensuring end-to-end service delivery to colleagues across Danske Bank. Further, Functions & Data drives the agendas related to Data & Advanced Analytics, API adoption and Core Banking modernisation 

  • Strategy Execution & Business Controls sets and executes the strategy for Technology & Services. SEBC guides, supports and sets standards. It supports our transformation and development agenda by building capabilities for the Tribes and key programmes and initiatives. SEBC acts as a centre of excellence for our agile execution. It governs risk in the T&S area and keeps oversight for the Group on Regulatory traction

  • Digital Workplace & Infrastructure provides stable, flexible and cost-effective IT infrastructure used by customers, end-users, IT developers and 3rd parties. We support customer journey digitalisation, and virtualisation of the way we work and collaborate. We enable end-users to work with anyone, anytime, anywhere. We provide IT developers with standardised and simplified infrastructure service offerings with high levels of automated delivery. The unit anchors on existing technology areas, i.e. IT infrastructure, IT operations, service excellence, end-user technologies, IT architecture & developer tooling

  • The Security team has the mandate to protect our people, our customers, and our assets from harm – a basic function of a bank being the protection of customers’ money. The new organisation takes a converged approach to doing so, leveraging elements of one domain (e.g. staff’s online activities) to protect against both cyber and physical threats. Seamless operations across security risk management functions enable the holistic management of security risk while addressing existing gaps and vulnerabilities.

  • Procurement & Real Estate brings two departments closer together to deliver services across the bank, i.e. supporting the bank organisation in getting cost and regulatory compliance under control for third-party agreements, suppliers and partnerships while enabling our Working@Danske ambitions.