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Our Employer Promise

Challenging and meaningful work

With a mission to deliver world-class, customer-centric digital financial solutions, we use technology to realize our ambition to make daily banking and important financial decisions easy for our customers. 

What I really enjoy about working in Danske and the financial industry are the challenges. We work with real-time transactions. This means that everything we do has a huge impact and that a slight mistake can have big consequences. Having to stay sharp and on my toes is intellectually stimulating. I have also had great support from my managers in my ambition to work towards a role as business analyst. They have really helped me believe in myself and develop the skill se necessary to flourish in my new role. 

Ritam, Senior Software Engineer, Bangalore

With the Agile@Scale way of working, we at Danske Bank aspire to inculcate an agile approach to our everyday work while collaborating with cross-functional teams. This in-turn enables us to develop across business to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers at greater speed.

Leaders who inspire you to succeed

Driven by 3 key essentials of the leadership model at Danske Bank, our leaders continue to inspire and motivate others to deliver excellence. We look for leaders who lead by driving customer centricity, inspiring others to succeed and role modelling our values.

Motivational and transformational conversations with different people in Danske IT tap into my core drive and interests and not just the core projects and company KPI’s. This unleashes the greatest motivation on the job and helps me be a leader — which is all about growing myself and the others together.

Nandita K Bhat, Associate Software Engineer

Good leadership is crucial to creating the cultural shift we want to see at Danske Bank: ensuring the customer is always in focus and to ensure that we work as fully engaged teams. Danske IT focuses on various leadership development programs to ensure that they and their teams are exhibiting the culture and behaviour we need to build on if we are to truly be customer centric. 

A collaborative culture


Our 5 core values are expertise, integrity, value, agility and collaboration. Collaboration is a way of life at Danske IT. We are collaborative in a transparent way and firmly believe in the power of collaboration to create impactful customer journeys and a productive and pleasant working atmosphere. 

Collaboration, to me is to be able to pick up the phone and ask when in doubt, raise a flag when the situation demands, draw the attention of another when needed or just go up and talk, whether locally or across borders, without having any inhibition. I am really glad to work in this sort of a culture that extends not only to my IT colleagues at various locations but to our business colleagues as well. This sense of belonging and togetherness is really important for me to do a good job.

Jayanthi Venugopal, Senior Project Manager 


Our Communities of Practice (CoPs) help foster a culture of collaboration and learning in the organisation. The Business Analyst Community of Practice [BACoP) was, for example, launched to enrich Domain competency across employees in Danske IT, focusing on knowledge-sharing and capacity building initiatives.

Opportunities to develop and grow


A career at Danske IT is an opportunity to develop, grow and contribute to a culture of high ambition. Development at Danske IT is propelled by a continuous learning journey. We believe that providing opportunities for personal & professional development is the corner stone towards building an attractive workplace

Danske IT has helped me evolve from a student to a professional, constantly providing me opportunities to sharpen my skills. I remember the day I joined the organization as a Freshman, from then to now I have got a wonderful mentorship from my team members. It has always given me a new perspective and helped me keep up my steep learning curve.

Kumar Rout, Software Engineer



Innovation is part of our DNA at Danske IT and we encourage our employees to push boundaries and challenge status quo. Through our various innovation initiatives, we intend to create solutions and tools which add value to our customer journey. In 2017, the Dankse IT Innovation Challenge, 'Exponentia 2017' saw more than 35 unique ideas being submitted across nine problem statements faced by the bank.

Danske Events


At Exponentia 2017, Danske IT’s innovation challenge, team members showcased their innovative and creative streaks. More than 40 teams participated, and the contestants were presented with nine problem statements faced across Businesses and within Group IT. These ideas were further shortlisted, developed and presented to Danske Bank’s Executive Board members. Seen below are some of the winning faces!


Danfesten 2017 – Danske IT’s second year anniversary celebration was a collaborative effort that also marked major organisational milestones and achievements of Danske IT over the last 2 years. Exciting activities for employees were conducted across the theme “Collaborate, Compete and Celebrate”. Employees were seen having a gala time throughout the event. 


Danske IT celebrated #Iappreciate – an Appreciation Week initiative dedicated to thanking and simply showing gratitude to colleagues and team members. Through this campaign, employees shared over 700 personalized messages, appreciating their colleagues and leaders for helping them live the core values of Danske Bank. Messages were dedicated to those who embodied the values of expertise, integrity, value creation, agility and collaboration.